jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

Welcome March!

Hey hey!! Ya sé que estuve mucho tiempo sin actualizar, pero estuve enferma!! Tuve gastroenteritis y obviamente estuve en casa, sin ganas ni posibilidad de fotos, y super débil. . .  Pero afortunadamente, ya me siento mucho mejor, y además. . .  Wooow!! Hoy salió el Sol!! Sin excusas me fui al parque a tomar un frappuccino, con estilo primaveral, mejor aprovecharlo porque me da que no va a durar mucho. . .  Qué os parecen las fotos?! Sé que los panralones rojos son "so last year" pero me apetecía mucho ponérmelos, por qué no?!!
Mil Bikinhos Tal to u soon !!!

Hey hey!! I know I haven't been posting for a long time, but I have been sick!! I had gastroenteritis and obviously I was at home, without the possibility and the willing of take pictures and also very weak. . . Fortunately, now I feel much better and. . . Wooow!! Today It was sunny!! So, no excuses and we went to the park with a frappuccino and wearing a "spring style", its better to take advantage of this amazing weather cos I know its not gonna last so long. . .  What do you think about the pictures?! I know that the red trouser are "so last year" but I really wanted to wear them, so why not?!!
xoxo, talk to you soon !!!

Topshop white tee
Abercrombie and Fitch lace tee underneath 
Zara red trousers and white blazer
Office flats
Banana republic handbag
Guess bracelet
Malababa earings
Moschino butterfly sunnies